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Office Partitioning

Enhance your office with structure, flow and soundproofing

  • A wide range of materials and styles
  • Tailoring solutions to suit your business
  • Experienced in-house design team

Office Partitions

Enhance your office with bespoke office partitioning from Arc Business Interiors. 

Partitions are an integral part of office design, and one that our designers will introduce seamlessly and stylishly into your office. As part of our design consultation, we’ll work closely with you to understand how your business works and to ensure your office flow and functionality are right for you. 

From this consultation, our team will consider the right style to fit with your look, whether that’s corporate or something a bit more unconventional. We’ll also discuss the importance of sound proofing for areas which need that extra bit of confidentiality. 

So, how do we help you find the perfect partition? 

Office Partitions Tailored to You

To get in the right headspace, you’ll need to ask yourself some key questions. What do you need from your office partitions? How do you want your office to flow? Do you have any preferences when it comes to colour or material? What extra qualities are you looking for, such as soundproofing or fire-rated materials? 

Once you’ve got an idea of what you want, our consultants can start making suggestions. We always meet your requirements specifications because we know how important it is to accomplish a well-designed, inspiring workplace. And it doesn’t matter what the size of your office, because we can tailor our services to any square footage. 

Our Partitions

Office partitions come in many shapes and forms, and may be known by different names, including partition wall systems, office room dividers and office screens. They can also be transparent, opaque, full height and half height – which allows you to easily adapt them to the needs of your office. 

For example, a transparent glass partition is a great option for a modern, bright open-plan office, while an opaque and half-height partition would be ideal as a practical divider between desks that offers you that little bit more soundproofing and privacy. 

Whatever your needs, our designers will make sure you achieve them with our comprehensive range of partitioning options, which include: 

  • Seamless Glazed: A sleek, modern look ideal for contemporary offices that favours excellent light flow
  • Crittall Effect Glazing: Stylish steel-framed partitions offering a unique appearance, while boasting excellent noise-reduction properties and an open-office feel
  • Single Glazed: A more affordable and straightforward type of glass partitioning that still provides an expansive look
  • Double Glazed: Improve the acoustics of your office space with double-glazed partitioning – the extra layer of glass can help reduce noise levels while still allowing easy light infiltration  
  • Solid Walls: For the ultimate privacy, noise reduction and clear zone definition, solid walls are a tried and tested partition solution that every office can benefit from
  • Fire Walls: Meet your health and safety requirements with fire walls which adhere to the latest legislation

All partitioning can be made with metal frames or wooden frames, if needed, and also made fire-rated and soundproofed to ensure a safe, comfortable experience for your employees and customers.

The Benefits of Partitions

When introduced smartly, partitions can have a real impact on your office space. Here are just a few benefits: 

  • Add structure and flow: The primary goal of partitioning is to create a sense of structure and flow throughout the office, making the space far more user-friendly. They are also perfect for creating clarity for specific zones and areas within an office, and this helps employees navigate, use and relate to the office space. 
  • Post-COVID ready: In these post-pandemic times, partitions can also become a hygiene barrier between people and different areas of the office, as well as offering a high level of privacy for video calling. 
  • Enhances soundproofing: Naturally, offices can be noisy and partitions are a great way to muffle and soundproof areas of the office. Some materials and designs are more effective than others in this aim, so simply get advice from one of our designers for your best option. 
  • Better working environment: Better privacy, soundproofing, hygiene and a clearer sense of structure and flow all adds up to a better overall working environment for your employees to enjoy – helping with staff morale and retention. 

To learn more about partitions that can enhance your office redesign, our professionals are here to help. 

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Partitions are just one element of office design – here at Arc Business Interiors, we’re a complete fit-out company who also provide bespoke furniture, design, ceilings, lighting, refurbishment and redesign

For a high level of satisfaction, turn to our dynamic interior designers, who provide professional partition installation to businesses throughout the area. If you’re located in Loughborough, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, London, Birmingham, Northampton, Manchester, or anywhere in the UK, speak to our friendly advisors today. 

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